With affordable prices

AOC has expanded its monitor gaming lineup with three new models. With the 24" C24G1, 27" C27G1 and 32" C32G1, the company adds three models based on curved VA panel, slim bezels and 144Hz refresh rate. Furthermore they come with FreeSync support for users with compatible graphics cards or game consoles.

More performance in Warhammer: Vermintide 2

A few months ago, Intel officially announced its move to integrate AMD RX Vega graphics in a processor package. During the CES 2018, the blue team unveiled the Kaby Lake G processors and if you own one, you will be happy to know that Intel has released a new driver version. With this software update, you will get a performance boost in Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and a several bug fixes in Sea of Thieves, World of Warcraft, and World of Tanks.

Ryzen 3 2300X and Ryzen 5 2500X

Two unannounced processors from AMD have been spotted this week, this involves the quad-core AMD Ryzen 3 2300X and Ryzen 5 2500X. This two upcoming processors should replace current 1300X and 1500X SKUs. According to this first scores, the performance of the upcoming CPUs is rather good.

With aggressive design

At CES 2018, Cooler Master presented several new mid-tower cases in order to expand their lineup. Almost five months later, the manufacturer is going to launch a new model which goes by the name MasterBox MB511. It looks like this case has received a rather aggressive design, with edgy shape as well as a modern interior layout.

Alongside with other products

During the Computex 2018, Cryorig showed a full range of coolers including a new version of the C7 and a M.2 NVMe SSD heatsink. We have seen several motherboard manufacturers equip M.2 SSDs with heatsinks. Cryorig has shown the "industry's first dual heatpipe M.2 cooler," the Frostbit.

With two Vega 10 GPUs inside

On Benchlife a slide regarding a mysterious AMD Radeon Pro V340 graphics card has been published. This card is intended for designer and it sports 32GB HBM2 memory and two Vega 10 chips. During the latest hours we have read several misleading informations about this card so it's better to clear the situation up a bit.

Installed in a Lenovo notebook

TechInsights analysts have disassembled the latest Lenovo notebook with inside 10nm CPU and taken it apart to take a look at the processor. This is the first time we see a Cannon Lake CPU in the wild, this is based on 10nm process and it sports a 71mm² Cannon Lake die.

Both with single fan

Gigabyte is updating their line of graphics cards with models that come with single fan coolers. Right after Computex, the company has added the Aorus GTX 1050 and the GTX 1050 3GB OC Low Profile. While the first aims to gamers, the second is designed for HTPC and small multimedia PCs.

Next year

Valve has announced that it will drop support for Windows XP and Vista systems during next year. After the 1st January 2019, Steam Client will not run anymore on those versions of Windows. In other words, your game library will be inaccessible until you upgrade to Windows 7 or newer.

Up to 10% more performance in Verminitide II

AMD has officially released their Radeon Software 18.6.1 Beta driver for GCN or newer graphics cards and AMD Ryzen+Vega APUs. According to AMD, with this new driver users can expect up to 10% more performance in Warhammer: Vermintide II when playing the game using the extreme preset.

Very clean looking

Antec has announced the P7 case, which offers support for ATX motherboards and up to one 360mm radiator. The P7 is a mid-tower chassis that's been made from steel, ABS plastic and aluminum. Although there is a well-thought internal layout and a very reasonable number of features, the Antec P7 comes at an attractive €48 price tag.

Called Wraith Ripper

Alongside with the announcement of Threadripper 2 processors, AMD has unveiled a capable cooler that can handle the rumored 250W TDP under control. According to AMD; Threadripper 2 will come with the Asetek bracket that provides compatibility with leading AIO watercoolers. Furthermore the company has worked side by side with Cooler Master in order to offer a tower cooler as well.

Designed for workstations

A few months ago, ASUS has revealed the full specifications of its WS X299 SAGE 10G motherboard. This model belongs to the high-end series and it's recommended for Core i9 processors. Like the previous model base on Intel X99 chipset, the upcoming WS X299 SAGE 10G sports the company's highest-grade eletrical components. Meanwhile ASUS has refreshed the WS X299 SAGE with dual 10GbE and improved VRM design.

Intel will update Basin Falls HEDT too

Intel is set to release its first octa-core mainstream processor in the autumn. This upcoming Coffee Lake refresh CPU will pack two more physical cores than the top-end 8th gen Core processors availabe at the moment. Furthermore the company will refresh Basin Falls HEDT platform as well.

Heads up NVIDIA and AMD

A few months ago, we heard that Intel was creating a discrete GPU called Arctic Sound. After the arrival of Raja Koduri at Intel, the project became more ambitious. Now Arctic Sound will be split into two families: one aimed at data centers and another one for gaming and professional environments.

Alongside with cases and power supplies

Cougar had several interesting products to show during the Computex 2018. The most impressive product was the Gemini X, a $900 case that can accommodate two systems. Furthermore the company has unveiled the Gemini T case and four new power supplies.

With up to 1.92TB capacity

NVMe capable SSDs are growing increasingly popular these days, offering much higher transfer speeds than the usual SATA drive. New markets always offer new opportunities and that on the other hand means that different vendors will launch new products. ADATA is one of those having presented their new SX7100 NVMe SSDs.

With GX Blue switches

Logitech announced the upcoming G512 keyboard that features RGB lighting and clicky GX Blue switches. This is the first keyboard to feature the new switches, in most of the past mechanical keyboards Logitech has used the Romer-G tactile and linear switches.

100Euro for 500GB SSD

If you are looking for an SSD, you will be happy to know that is the right time for buy one. According to Geizhals, prices of popular SATA SSDs have dropped significantly. For example the Crucial MX500 500GB costs now 99 Euro and six months back the price was set to 140 Euro.

Strong performance

With the XLR8 CS2080, PNY is ready to jump in the ultra-high-performance NVMe SSD market. The new series of SSDs come with XLR8 branding that is the performance product group for gamers. For example we can find XLR8 graphics cards which are usually high-end products.
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