With dual fan cooler

It looks like that Sapphire is working on a special edition of their Radeon RX 580 NITRO+ 8G. The Sapphire Radeon RX 580 NITRO+ 8G comes with a light blue themed Dual-X cooler equipped with two 95 mm diameter blue LED fans.

A good article on tomshardware

A few days ago, Yannick from tomshardware.com has created a long article testing numerous cards and posting their specific hash-rates. At the moment the article includes 15 graphics cards and all of them have been tested with modded BIOS. Last but not least, the article proves what are the most efficient cards for mining.

All motherboards updated

Following the announcement of MSI and ASRock, ASUS has released a BIOS update for its AM4 motherboards. The new BIOS includes AMD AGESA Code support for Raven Ridge APUs. Other improvements have been delivered alongside this compatibility update. Unlike ASRock, ASUS has released an update for all the motherboards.

Four more models

A few years ago, EVGA has introduced to the market the SuperNova G1 series of power supplies and now the company is ready to unveils an improved version of this series. With the Supernova G1+ series, EVGA unveils four models with 650W, 750W, 850W and 1000W of output power. Apart from that there is going to be a fully-modular cable management.

Might be available in April

A few months ago, NVIDIA has unveiled their roadmap about upcoming architecture for gaming graphics cards. According to latest rumors, NVIDIA might release Ampere in a couple of months. Since GTC is usually around late March, NVIDIA might shot the upcoming graphics cards during that event.

Up to 18 cores and 36 threads

A couple of years ago, Intel launched its first Xeon D SoCs in order to compete against ARM-based servers. With the Xeon D-2100 processor family, announced yesterday, Intel wants push further their products in network edge workloads which would benefit from greater processing power. Intel is aiming to cloud servers, network and enterprise storage.

Almost all motherboards updated

Following the announcement of MSI, ASRock has released a BIOS update for its AM4 motherboards. The new BIOS includes AMD AGESA Code support for Raven Ridge APUs. Other improvements have been delivered alongside this compatibility update. At this time almost all ASRock motherboards have been updated, only two models will receive the update during next days.

Based on new generation controllers

Patriot is aiming to join the high-end M.2 market with another series of SSDs called Viper. A few days ago, Phison has unveiled four new controllers and Patriot is one of the first company that is adopting them.

Cryptocurrency mining is having a weird effect

Gigabyte dropped its hat into the DIY crypto-currency mining hardware craze introduction the GA-B250-FinTech motherboard. This ATX form-factor motherboard comes with a eleven PCI-Express 3.0 x1 slots and one PCI-Express 3.0 x16 slot.

Featuring Vega graphics chip

According to another rumor which has its roots in the the SiSoft Sandra database yet again, AMD is busy working on a cut-down version of AMD's Ryzen 2000 series. This product appear to be part of an upcoming Lenovo mobile system.

All motherboards updated

MSI announced a BIOS update for its AM4 motherboards. The new BIOS includes AMD AGESA Code support for Raven Ridge APUs. Other improvements have been delivered alongside this compatibility update, for example both memory and PCIe device compatibility have been boosted.

Added support and fixed issues

It seems like we are spending more time updating drivers than playing new games lately. During the past month we have received several AMD drivers and it's more or less the same with NVIDIA. AMD has released the latest update to their Radeon GPU drivers, the Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.2.1 WHQL. There's no apparent difference between this driver version and the previously released one, other than the WHQL certification.

Second memory chip line in South Korea

During the last year, the tech world has been suffering from a shortage in memory chip manufacturing. This has led to huge price hikes in RAM and even SSDs. In addition we have seen several high-end smartphones that required samsung memory chips. This situation has been pretty bad for DIY system builders since it was pretty hard find components at reasonable prices.

Featuring RGB lighting

Roccat has released the Khan Aimo 7.1 gaming headset, a high-end gaming headset in Roccat's audio lineup featuring RGB lighting. Furthermore the Khan Aimo 7.1 comes with a built-in sound card and a comfort-focused design.

For 166 Euro

During the pre-CES press day earlier this year, AMD has unveiled its CPU roadmap for the year. According to the roadmap, AMD has confirmed that we would be getting the first Ryzen "Raven Ridge" APUs quite soon. Although both chips are expected to hit the market next week, Tsbohemia.cz has already listed one of them.

80+ Platinum and water cooling support

If you want to drive water cooling to the absolute extreme FSP is now offering the possibility to integrate your power supply into a custom loop. The unit features a cooling block that comes from Bitspower.

Dual-fan cooler

A few weeks ago, MSI has unveiled the RX 570 Armor MK2 graphics card and now the company is ready to announce another model. With the RX 580 Armor MK2, MSI announces a new graphics card based on a custom PCB and a dual-fan cooler. Compared to the previous version, this model sports a new PCB, a new cooler with different heatpipe design and a solid backplate.

For 2280 form factor SSDs

If these days you want to buy a fast SSD you're going to choose an M.2 drive. Those drives are not just fast, unfortunately some of them also struggle with overheating issues. Silverstone has come up with a heatsink for M.2 SSD, which goes by the name TP02-M2.


Today we have another build from Waroq for you. If you want see all the systems shared so far, we suggest to check out our gallery. Like every day we're showing you a very nice build or one from one of our modder friends. As always we will show you the nicest pictures of the build and if possible also the specifications here in the news. If you would like to see your mod here on Ocaholic, feel free to send us a message over Facebook.

Very clean looking

Gigabyte has announced the Aorus AC300W Lite case, which offers support for ATX motherboards and one 360mm radiators. The Aorus AC300W Lite is a mid-tower chassis that's been made from steel and ABS plastic. Although there is a well-thought internal layout and a very reasonable number of features, the Gigabyte Aorus AC300W Lite should come with an attractive price tag.
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