Maybe the new Godlike Gaming Carbon?

On their official Facebook page, MSI have shown a little preview regarding their upcoming Intel X299 motherboard. At the moment there is only a little teaser which shows a few parts of an upcoming high-end model. Like the previous model the new one features a completely black color scheme with several RGB LEDs.

Sleek design

Cooler Master
At Computex 2016, Cooler Master presented several new mid-tower cases in order to expand their lineup. Almost one year later, the manufacturer is going to launch a new model which goes by the name MasterBox Lite 5. It looks like this case has received a sleek and clean design as well as a modern interior layout.

Rig of the Day - Pinky

10.05.2017 - Posted by Luca Rocchi


Today we have another build from Lab501 for you. In the past we’ve shared few of their builds and as you might know they always look exceptionally good.

Shortage already?

According to a rumor from Tweaktown, AMD is fighting with shortage issues related to their RX Vega graphics cards already before launch. As claimed by an exclusive industry source, AMD might have only 16'000 RX Vega GPUs available at launch, suggesting that there will be a shortage of Vega graphics cards upon release.

The first professional crypto mining motherboard

During the past weeks, Biostar has unveiled several AMD AM4 300-series motherboards. Although Biostar only showcased AMD X370 and B350 gaming motherboards, but it looks like they’re also going to release professional products as well. Biostar is one of the first to have an almost entire AM4 lineup and we hope to see more details even from other companies.

As fast as AMD R9 Fury X

AMD’s RX Vega GPU has been spotted in the Futuremark database, showcasing performance that is similar to AMD's R9 Fury X, which would mean that the upcoming AMD flagship graphics card won’t be capable of competing with NVIDIA’s high-end models. However, the results posted in the Futuremark database shows that AMD could introduce three new models based on Vega architecture. All the scores have been gathered using a Ryzen 7 1800X processor.

With 1800R curvature

Acer has expanded its monitor lineup with another ultra wide model, featuring a 35-inch VA panel with 3440 x 1440 resolution. The grey-to-grey response time is set to 4ms and the refresh rate is up to 100Hz. Apart from that this monitor supports G-Sync.

Rig of the Day - Tempest

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Today we have another build from SimpleModz for you. In the past we’ve shared several of his builds and as you might know they always look exceptionally good.

Now with RGB lighting

During 2014 and 2015, we have reviewed quite a few CPU coolers from Deepcool including its Captain all-in-one liquid series. A few years later Deepcool is giving those products an overhaul. The new Captain EX RGB all-in-one cooler offers the same cooling performance as the already available Captain EX products, but comes with a new fan controller and RGB lighting.

Might be available with new motherboards

If these days you’d like to buy a really fast SSD you’re going to choose an M.2 drive. Those drives are not just fast some of them also struggle with overheating issues. Already a few months ago, MSI has introduced their M.2 shield which is supposed to help keeping the temperatures low. Meanwhile Gigabyte has come up with a similar heatsink which goes by the name M.2 Thermal Guard.

Featuring 4K IPS panel

Acer has expanded its monitor lineup with a new model featuring a 32-inch panel with 3840 x 2160 resolution and an IPS panel. According to Acer the display covers 100 percent of the Adobe RGB, sRGB and Rec 709 color spectrum and a few other color standards.

Improves memory compatibility

AMD has released new AGESA Microcode for their Ryzen CPUs which should further improve memory compatibility on their AM4 platform. According to a Gigabyte employee, the new microcode should enhance memory compatibility in combination with high clocked memory, adding support to 20 different high-end memory kits.

Both based on ATX form factor

The AM4 X370-F and B350-F from ASUS are two AMD AM4 motherboards that come with a few interesting features. These two models fill gaps in the ASUS AM4 lineup. So far there are only two X370 motherboards, the Prime X370-Pro and the Crosshair VI Hero.

Overclockers UK

Today we have another build from Overclockers UK for you. In the past we’ve shared several of his builds and as you might know they always look exceptionally good. Since we don't know what there is under the hood you will not find any specification.

Intel tells to stop overclocking

During the past three months, some owners of Intel Core i7-7700 and 7700K processors have been complaining about unusual temperature increases. According to user accounts, temperatures can sometimes hit 90°C and reach the maximum 100°C threshold. Intel has finally come up with a response to the complaints, though the answer is not really offering any solutions to the users.

With a pre-installed EK water block

MSI has introduced their new GTX 1080 Ti Sea Hawk EK X graphics card and it comes with a liquid cooling block from EK Water Blocks. Compared to the EK-FC1080 GTX Ti, the water block that you can find on the GTX 1080 Ti Sea Hawk EK X has been changed and it comes with both MSI and EK logos on the block itself and a custom MSI backplate.

Performance improvements for Prey

Following the launch of AMD’s ReLive 17.4.3 drivers there is already a new update available. This release offers a 4.7% performance improvement in Prey and a multi-GPU profile for the game. On top of that AMD has also fixed some issues related to Forza Horizon 3 and Civilization VI.

Optimizations and bug fixes as always

NVIDIA has released yet another updated driver. Meanwhile the version number is 382.05 and it brings performance improvements to No Man’s Sky - with The Foundation Update 1.10, Battlezone and the Gears of War 4. Furthermore this driver makes your NVIDIA based system ready for the latest Prey.

Featuring full cover Bitspower waterblock

Looking at the Z270 line-up from ASUS quite a few things have change compared to the past. There is for example the new "Code" and there is even a model specifically targeting extreme overclockers which goes by the name "Apex". Today ASUS launches the ROG Maximus IX Extreme, which is their new high-end water cooled model.

Rig of the Day - Copper One

05.05.2017 - Posted by Luca Rocchi

ONE by charlie

Today we have a new build from ONE by charlie for you. Copper One is the first build that we share from this new polish modder. The project is based on a handmade full aluminum half-unibody case and features high-end components with extensive water cooling loops.
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