Intel XMM 8000 5G modem is coming

A few weeks ago, Qualcomm has outlined its ambitions for the always connected PC with 5G connectivity and today Intel has announced that the process is complete. Intel is working side by side with several partners like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft in order to equip upcoming systems with 5G connectivity.

Budget oriented chipsets

A few months ago, Intel has released the Z370 chipset which is compatible with Coffee Lake processors. According to the rumors, Intel was supposed to release the H370 and B360 chipsests in the following months as well. However the company haven't unveiled any other chipsets but, according to the latest rumors Intel might unveils three more chipsets during next weeks.

With optimized game settings for better performance

When we talk about PC gaming we never think of Intel iGPUs since they aren't so powerful. However this integrated graphics appear quite often in Steam hardware survey. In order to help users, Intel has released a new series of drivers that will automatically optimize game settings for better performance.

Based on 10nm manufacturing process

According to a rumor which has its roots in the the SiSoft Sandra database yet again, Intel might release quite soon Cannon Lake series. The first Cannon Lake chips which Intel should launch are the -U and -Y series for laptops.

Coffee Lake-E are on the way

A long list of mobile processors has surfaced online, the list include Coffee Lake-E and Cascade Lake-SP processors intended for laptops. According to the list, Intel is going to release new wave of processors that would include hexa-core parts for laptops. This leak comes from the German tech site ComputerBase.

With Turbo Boost

A couple of weeks ago we have reported a rumor that Intel's Turbo Boost technology could make its first appearance in a Core i3 CPUs. With the Cannon Lake family, Intel unveils the first Core i3 with Turbo Boost enabled.

This time inside a high-end MSI laptop

A few months ago, an AIDA64 update unveiled a long list of mobile processors that included Coffee Lake-H and Coffee Lake-S processors intended for laptops. The most interesting model was the Core i9-8950HK since this is going to be the first Core i9 processor for laptop.

Up to 18 cores and 36 threads

A couple of years ago, Intel launched its first Xeon D SoCs in order to compete against ARM-based servers. With the Xeon D-2100 processor family, announced yesterday, Intel wants push further their products in network edge workloads which would benefit from greater processing power. Intel is aiming to cloud servers, network and enterprise storage.

From Gigabyte and ASRock

Gigabyte and ASRock have released Gemini Lake motherboards with pre-installed Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron processors. At the moment the motherboard are available with the Intel Quad-Core Processor J4105 Celeron pre-installed. However Gigabyte mentioned that its motherboard will be available with Intel Pentium Silver/ Intel Celeron processors.

Another Core i5

It's not a secret that Intel is expanding its 8th generation Core "Coffee Lake" desktop processor lineup during Q1 2018. Furthermore the company will release more motherboard chipsets like B360 Express and H310 Express. One of these upcmoning CPUs is the Core i5-8500 six-core processor, positioned right above the current Core i5-8400.

In total three new SSDs

A few days ago Intel has shown early images of upcoming SSDs and now, Intel's next generation consumer NVMe products are online. The two new M.2 product series fall under 760p, 700p and 660p branding. While two of them come with TLC memory, the third one sports 4-bit per cell (QLC) flash.

The best of Intel and AMD into a single chip

Last year, Intel and AMD made its rumored collaboration official, with Intel announcing that the upcoming Core-G series processors would be paired with graphics from AMD. Although things have been keep quiet, Intel has now listed the specs for its Core-G series with RX Vega M graphics.

AMD CPUs are not affected

This week the world has discovered a design flaw in Intel's CPUs that is causing a major security bug. According to the latest informations, OS makers have to change the kernels in order to fix this bug. The bug is present in Intel CPUs produced over the last decade and a microcode update will not fix it. First of all, Microsoft, Apple and Linux Distros have to fix it themselves, which will lead to a negative impact on performance.

Featuring RX Vega IGP

Last year, Intel and AMD made its rumored collaboration official, with Intel announcing that the upcoming Core-H series processors would be paired with graphics from AMD. Although things have been keep quiet, Intel has now listed the specs for its Core i7-8809G processor based on RX Vega IGP.

Built on 14nm FinFET manufacturing process

Intel has announced the first FPGA with integrated HBM2. According to Intel, the upcoming Stratix 10 MX is said to offer up to 10 times the memory bandwidth when compared to a DDR memory solutions. Stratix 10 MX is built on 14nm FinFET manufacturing process.

Coffee Lake CPUs for notebooks?

Although the acclaimed launch date will be somewhen during the upcoming weeks news leaks related to Coffee Lake-H are starting to make it through. This time Tieba found yet another leak in the CPU-Z database. The Core i7-8720HQ could be the first six core mobile chip from Intel.

Celeron and Pentium Silver CPUs

A few months ago, when Intel added the "Gold" suffix to its Kaby Lake Pentium processors there were rumors that the company would add the "Silver" suffix to Pentium parts as well. Today the company has announced few new processors.

Intel 300 series

During the recent GALAX GOC 2017 Gaming event in China, some of the industry's biggest players and Chinese reseller partners were there. As well as the event sponsor, both NVIDIA and Intel explained the upcoming market trends and plans. A new report from MyDrivers suggests upcoming Intel plans.

With microcode updated

Intel released its Coffee Lake lineup earlier this year, causing dissatisfaction among customers since Coffee Lake requires a new chipset and motherboard. According to baidu, a modder has successfully booted a Core i3-8350K on an old Z170 motherboard.

In few months already?

In order to reply to AMD's new Ryzen and Threadripper CPUs, Intel is planning to increase the core count on their next-generation desktop platform. According to the latest rumors, Intel might add a eight core CPU regarding their 9th generation of mainstream desktop CPUs.
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